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We’ll Sell It on eBay

Looking for an easy way to sell your unwanted items on eBay? We’ll be your personal sell it on eBay store! Why endure the hassle of trying to figure out how to post the items on eBay yourself? Doing the research, taking photos and writing a professional listing, dealing with buyer inquiries, packing and shipping your items? Save time and visit our Postal Connections/I SOLD IT store.

Schedule an Appointment

Call us to schedule an appointment to bring your items in to our store. Our experienced staff will conduct some quick online research to estimate the resale value of your items. We handle most items with an expected eBay value of $200 and above (Similar items can be combined to meet minimum value).

How We Take Care of Your Online Buy It Now Sale on eBay

During your check-in, our staff will work with you to capture background information that will be helpful for your online posting. Once you’re checked in, we place the items in our inventory and hand you a receipt. Then we get to work photographing your items and writing up the ad copy. Items are typically launched online within 7 business days, often sooner. We will notify you when someone has purchased on eBay and sent payment. We use the Buy It Now option to have more control over the sale price of you items to maximize your profit. Use the listing method is also available if you prefer.

Call us today at (458) 836-7404 to set up an appointment!

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